All your questions answered on this page.

Do I need to own the games ?

Yes, you need to have the games installed through either the Steam or EGS clients for this program to work. The Utility will detect all the ones you have automatically.

Which games does it support?

This app supports all of the Jackbox Party Packs, all of the Standalone games released by Jackbox Games (including the YDKJ Classic Pack) and some games not made by Jackbox Games which fit perfectly with the rest (Use Your Words, What The Dub?! and RiffTrax: The Game). We can add more games if necessary.

How exactly does it skip the menu section entirely?

It's actually quite simple! All it does is it replaces a file in the game's folder and the menu will be skipped. This file will be restored to the original once you close the Utility, so if you open the game not using the Utility it'll open normally.

Does this work with Steam Deck?

Yes! This program was tested successfully on Steam Deck. Although some features are only compatible with Windows for now (videos in the game tabs and a custom icon for the program.)

Which data is sent while using the app?

We are sending anonymous data to know how many users are using the app. You can find all the details here.

Can I suggest something for the app?

Some features are already planned (like Macos support, controller support and controlling the utility with your phone). You can find these planned features in here.

If the feature you want is not on this link, you can suggest it on the Discord server or in the ideas discussion.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

First, check if your bug is not already in the issues. If not, you can add it or report it on our Discord server.